“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder


This web blog started as a way to document our year-long travels across the US from Fall 2012 to Fall 2013. Mostly, I did it for myself to keep a record of our journey. It was also for friends and family who wanted to follow our adventures and for any strangers who might be interested. After returning home to the Santa Cruz Mountains, I continued the blog to primarily share my nature sightings and photography.

Over the years, my equipment and photography has improved. Photography has become my primary artistic expression (little else survived the fires.)

If you know me or if you read a recent post here, you’ll know that we lost our home and belongings in the 2020 CZU Lightning Complex fire in Santa Cruz County. This was devastating. We decided not to rebuild. Instead, we bought a travel trailer and made plans to live on the road starting in the fall of 2021.

It hasn’t turned out that way exactly. Our plans have been in flux and we are still struggling with a vision of where we will go and what we will do.

At first, I thought my blog would now simply be documenting our new lifestyle: life in an RV, highlighting places, people we meet, and wild nature. It will be that, at times, but I think it will primarily be an opportunity to share my love of nature through photography and words. My wish is for you to be touched by what you see and read, and that these posts might deepen your desire to be immersed in the natural world. I believe that has been the unspoken purpose for my blog for a while. Maybe of my life.

You might be moved by a photo of the special light created where water meets sky. Or a bird sailing through the air. Or a newly blossomed wildflower.

So, again, what is this blog about? A few more descriptions. What do you suggest?

• Nature. Wildlife. Plants. Landscapes. Being truly alive.
• “Coming home,” as Gary Snyder says.
• Being humbled by awe, mystery and beauty.
• Learning simple facts that increase wonder and respect.
• An antidote to ignorance – the ignoring and disregard for our place among all life.
• Introducing what is all around us and what is tragically vanishing.
• Revealing a little of the umwelt of nature. Umwelt is the unique perceptual world as experienced by non-human, more-than-human creatures.

My posts won’t always be in chronological order or be posted regularly. Opportunity and inspiration will dictate my sharing. Please add your comments and encouragement freely below.

Also, my blog has had a major facelift. And a tummy tuck. Thank you to web designer and nature photographer, George Ward! I hope this new version will be easier for you to use and more pleasurable for you to look at.

Lastly, a poem by Maine poet Gary Lawless to inspire you:

When the Animals Come to Us

When the animals come to us
asking for our help
will we know what they are saying?
When the plants speak to us
in their delicate, beautiful language
will we be able to answer them?
When the planet herself
sings to us in our dreams
will we be able to wake ourselves and act?

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