Carla and Chris

My devotion to nature photography blends my need to be outside, my urges to create and my desire to share what I see and experience with others. I am happiest and most free when wandering through the unfathomable world of nature. Carrying a camera intensifies that state, by heightening my presence. The camera says to me, “Pay attention! Magic and mystery await! Are you ready?”

When photographing animals (and fungus, plants and landscapes), I am most interested in capturing a glimpse of the
umwelt of the creature, that is, its unique character, personality and world view. We talk about being able to walk in someone else’s shoes but can we also travel in another’s paw, hoof or wing? Like many other nature photographers, I feel the need to witness and document what we have on planet earth and what we are quickly losing.

I grew up in western Pennsylvania, went to college in Washington State, moved to Massachusetts where I finished undergraduate and graduate degrees. Along the way I have been a freelance illustrator, a psychotherapist and a Buddhist teacher. In 2001, I headed west and found myself in California and in a new relationship. Twenty years later, my partner, Chris, and I lost our home and belongings in the CZU wildfire in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Not wanting to rebuild and seeking a new lifestyle, we bought an RV and are living the nomadic life for now. This gives me the chance to visit and revisit wild areas and capture beauty and wonder with heart and my camera.