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Reflections and Photos from The Big Trip and Beyond . .


Carla and Chris


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  1. thank you Carla for your experience with artichokes. I too ate this wonderfully odd vegetable as a child. I loved the process it took to come to its heart. A vegetable with a heart.

    • Hi Nan, I hope you are well. Yes, a vegetable with a heart, what could be better! Hope to see you in MA sometime this year.

  2. Carla, I finally remembered to check out this website for your blog. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful quotes, your own reflections, and the stunning photos. And you haven’t even set off on your trip yet! I look forward to whatever you can offer along the way, and wish you a journey beyond what can be imagined. As Sri Nisargadatta says in the classic “I Am That,” a transcription of his many dialogues with students, “The unexpected is bound to happen, while the anticipated may never come to pass.” So enjoy the unexpected!

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