“Life without the experience of the beautiful world would be unbearable.”
– John O’Donohue

We are leaving Flagstaff, AZ. Maybe you didn’t know we were here! We arrived the end of April and have enjoyed our seven weeks of housesitting. The more times we visit the better we like it. During this stay I discovered a small urban pond about a mile away where both humans and birds harmoniously fish together.

I walked to the pond numerous afternoons to see the great blue heron, osprey, double-crested cormorants, Canada geese family, great-tailed grackles, hybrid mallards (I call them mallard mutts.) Other birds would make occasional appearances like northern flickers, spotted towhees, and even a Bullock’s oriole. The swallows, probably mostly purple-green ones, swooped and soared continuously over the water ambushing bugs.

I also attended two Audubon birding trips nearby. And I visited the Grand Canyon and the red sandstone slot canyons near Page, Arizona, both places leaving me awestruck. There will be another post detailing those adventures.

Here is a selection of some of the wild creatures who graced me with their presence. Each one a unique gem.

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