Catch of the Day: Roseate Spoonbills*
Seabrook, TX

Happy 2024 Everyone!

I’m in Texas for a short while. Weather is disrupting my photography forays but I am still enjoying myself. I’m staying in the small coastal town of Kemah, TX, between Houston and Galveston. Lots of natural areas, wildlife refuges, and parks, etc., nearby. Today is windy and they are predicting possible freezing rain. Low tonight probably is in the 20’s or less. Yikes! This is cold for the locals and the local birds. And for me. No sign of any alligators. They have sunk in the mud and are awaiting warmer temperatures.

On my first day out for a walk in a natural area, I saw two roseate spoonbills. They are a favorite bird sighting but I haven’t seen any since. Spoonbills remind me of a flamingo with an elongated and flattened bill. While one of the spoonbills slept (with head and neck curled up under its wing), the other bird walked back and forth along the brackish shoreline, sweeping its bill side-to-side catching small fish and crustaceans.

(“Catch of the Day” are short postings with minimal text and only a few photos.)

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