May 2023

This day actually lasted more than a week. It was our first trip fully committed to full-time RV life. Moss Landing is one of my favorite places to hang out and since it is only an hour from our base camp in Ben Lomond, it was a good option for our shakedown cruise. If we forgot anything important we could easily return and get it.

We stayed at the Moss Landing KOA, the only camping option in town. I had a daily, and sometimes twice daily, routine walking the perimeter of the harbor as well as visiting the ocean beach and the entrance channel. On each outing I would look for birds, marine mammals, wildflowers and anything else of interest. We were using the time at the campground to get used to our trailer, improve organization, stock food and plan menus. The weather was cool, foggy and even drizzly almost the entire time we stayed, interrupted rarely by a few sunny interludes.

Moss Landing is a small harbor with a unique, eclectic mix of people and activities: pleasure boaters (both motor and sail), fishing boats (particularly squid), whale watching, a huge marine research institute (Monterey Bay Aquarium), kayakers, and miscellaneous tourists. Plus, the uniquely strange Shakespeare Society of America.

This big leap into full-time on the road living is bringing up questions about why we are even doing it, how we envision the journey unfolding and where we want to go and why. We have so many options that it becomes stressful to make decisions. But perhaps the choices we make are not as important as our full engagement with whatever we are doing.

But, in any case, I have my camera, my curiosity and my love of the outdoors to keep me engrossed. Our climate and society are crumbling more each day and I plan to witness and love what is here while I can.

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