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Last of the Wildflowers 2018


Because of health issues, I missed much of the June wildflower season. Still I was able to capture a few over the past six weeks on several short walks and have included some of those flowers here. To see many more flowers, at this point, I would have to go to higher elevations in the Sierras but I don’t think I will make it there this summer.

Please do not reproduce any photographs without permission.

2 thoughts on “Last of the Wildflowers 2018

  1. Incredible flowers, though I’m sorry to hear about your health issues 😦

    I wonder how things might be different if we cultivated native wildflowers in our gardens with as much care as imported species less suited to our environments.

  2. Exquisite as always your eye is undiminished maybe even more attuned than ever the beauty in small things ” a heaven in a wildflower”

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