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This Week’s Vitamin Sea Report


This week’s Vitamin Sea report.

Davenport Landing Beach, Davenport, CA. November 12, 2017.
This is a beach I don’t usually go to. Not for any good reason. Maybe because there is a little development on the cove: a few buildings, an abalone farm. And it’s a small beach, although with the tide out you can walk for quite a ways under the cliffs.

But I had the impulse to stop there yesterday. The loop road off Highway 1 was packed with parked cars which seemed odd. The other beach parking areas I passed were not full. Reaching the sand, I discovered there was a surf contest in progress. Surfers, surf kayakers and surf stand-up paddleboarders ran in and out of the water; horns blasted signaling the beginnings and endings of events.

The weather was sublime: cloudless, windless and warm. The waves were shapely and shimmering from the low afternoon sun. I stayed past sunset, to witness the joyful activity and the natural beauty.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Vitamin Sea Report

  1. WOW! Fabulous photos!!! Lee really likes them, too. I’ve turned your anemone shot (just before the Oystercatcher) into my screen saver. It’s fabulous!!!!!!!

    ’Twas great to reconnect on the phone Saturday. I enjoyed our conversation immensely.



  2. Amazing photos as always, Carla. Makes me want to surf (I never have, except body surfing.) Have you?

  3. Once. I took a surfing lesson, about 10 years ago. I wasn’t very good.

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