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The Birds of Florida


During our month in Florida in March and April 2013 we saw many, many birds. Some were cooperative for photographing, that is, they were large and stood still (unlike most of the birds of the north and west). Below is a selection of the birds we observed.

2 thoughts on “The Birds of Florida

  1. Hello, my dear Carla, and welcome home!

    Love your bird pictures. The crane family is precious, as are others!

    Love, Joyce

  2. These bird photos ROCK!!!!!!!!! Just stunning, Carla…

    We’re heading off tomorrow morning for 6 days in Colorado: Silverton, Ouray, and the Black Canyon in Gunnison Nat’l Park. Life is very good!

    Let’s see about a phone call after I get back. It’s been a while!

    Much love to you and Chris — Jane

    Jane Perry MA, PCC

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