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Vagabonding as a Spiritual Path


The nine months we have been on the road have proved to be a unique way of living, a path to reflection, contemplation and restoration. I’d like to write more about this but in the meantime, I will give you a link to Will Tuttle’s article, “Full-Time RVing As A Spiritual Path”. Most of it resonates with our experience.

4 thoughts on “Vagabonding as a Spiritual Path

  1. That is a great piece on vagabonding as a spiritual path.
    Very eloquent, compelling — and inviting!

    • Will’s piece was a source of inspiration before we left. When I read it again before I put the link here, it made me smile because now so much of what he described is real for us, not just theoretical. I’d like to write about the lessons the road teaches on being present and on change/flux/impermanence and vagabonding as a lifestyle where ego/identity/persona are of less importance. And, of course, I’ll speak to the experience of living more closely with nature . . .

  2. it is beautifully written and clear. I tugs at that part of me that longs to lighten my load and to wander just at the moment when I am contemplating putting down even deeper roots by adding on to my house! Wow what an interesting conundrum. I certainly feel the excitement of taking the leap into vulnerability.
    For this year I will once again do my two weeks of camping in Cape Cod and come home wondering why I dont continue to live like that.

    • I’m glad you liked the piece by Will Tuttle. Maybe you can do both, that is, put time/energy into improving your nest and taking more periods of time to wander, to be in nature, to live simply. Although we’re homeless or more accurately turtle-like, we carry our home with us, we do still have a solid stationary home in CA to go back to. I think everyone should take at least a few months off every now and then. Even though it can seem daunting to think about arranging it, as Will said, it does seem like unseen forces do come into play to make things happen.

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