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Snow Fall by May Sarton


Serendipitously, the following poem was sent to me by a friend as I was putting the finishing touches on my blog piece describing the wonders of snow at Vallecitos Mountain Ranch. Below is May Sarton’s ode to snow. It captures much of what I was trying to express. I am also dedicating this post to all the people in the northeast who were not so adversely effected by the recent Nemo blizzard that they are able to enjoy the white beauty of winter.

Snow Fall
by May Sarton

With no wind blowing
It sifts gently down,
Enclosing my world in
A cool white down,
A tenderness of snowing.

It falls and falls like sleep
Till wakeful eyes can close
On all the waste and loss
As peace comes in and flows,
Snow-dreaming what I keep.

Silence assumes the air
And the five senses all
Are wafted on the fall
To somewhere magical
Beyond hope and despair.

There is nothing to do
But drift now, more or less
On some great lovingness,
On something that does bless,
The silent, tender snow.

2 thoughts on “Snow Fall by May Sarton

  1. What a beautiful poem. I’ve never read it before. It describes it perfectly. I loved our blizzard here. Sadly, it has begun to melt. But happily, it showed another few inches, adding fresh blessing on everything.

    • I hear you’ve been getting a little more snow here and there. I was in Boston (Allston) for the famed 1978 blizzard and loved it. I was living at the Cambridge Zen Center then and we had a great time together. We’re in a different clime right now, swamps in Louisiana. Our campsite at the state park has its own little wooden deck over the bayou. Most locals fish off them but we can sit, meditate. Have been encountering alligators the last couple weeks, but haven’t seen any here.

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