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Where’s the Hammock?


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Hammock?

  1. Hi Carla dear one! I’m looking in my Sibley field guide and wonder if the gorgeous bird in question is a Northern Goshawk (uncommon to rare)? I have seen them when I’m up in the Lassen area around the lakes. I love reading your blog and have kept quiet to give you well deserved space 🙂 Hope you are very well.

    • Hey Shealagh, I think you are right! Probably an immature Northern Goshawk. Thanks for helping me pin this down. I’m so glad you are enjoying blog, Carla

  2. Hi, Carla,
    My iPad is updating and I have some time — I’m glad I checked your blog.
    Photos are wonderful. Nice to be there with you for a few moments.
    Metta and blessings on your journey.

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