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DAY 9 – Clear Lake State Park, CA


Sunday, October 7, 2012
After two nights at Harbin Hot Springs – always a fun and trippy place to relax – we head  north to the watery shores of Clear Lake State Park. Clear Lake is the largest natural fresh water lake entirely in California. We expect more people because it is still Columbus weekend, but the campground has only a few occupants. Near us is another, commercially made, pop-up camper – a Four Wheel brand – and the owner immediately comes over to admire “Oz” (Chris’ name for his handy work.) The man wants to know where Chris bought it and is duly impressed when he learns Chris built and designed it himself. Chris enjoys talking to his first “fan”.

This campground is on a little peninsula with Clear Lake on one side and the narrow Kelsey Slough on the other. Footbridges cross over the slough and connect this area with the rest of the park. I am excited to explore the park in the morning; tomorrow will also be my maiden voyage in my new inflatable kayak.

2 thoughts on “DAY 9 – Clear Lake State Park, CA

  1. Your comment on your camper peaked my interest. Can you post a picture? Thank you for the blog. I am enjoying traveling and exploring with you.

    • Darras, I do plan to write a bit more about our special camper and add some photos. Your request has inspired me to get going on that. We are headed into rainy and snowy weather here and will find out how well it fairs in inclement conditions! Chris has continued to do “home improvement” projects on it as we travel. He’s ready to build another one from everything he’s learned so far from the successes and mistakes on this one!

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