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The Way of Nature Refuge Vows

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Cedar Waxwing

The Way of Nature Refuge Vows

• I take refuge in the outer, inner and absolute teacher.
• I take refuge in ultimate spiritual truth and the teachings that reveal it.
• I take refuge in our spiritual community and the path it affords to deepen spiritual realization.
• I take refuge in the sacred sphere of awakened awareness for the happiness and liberation from suffering for all beings.
• I generate compassion for all beings and vow to serve their joy and enlightenment.
• I promise to serve bringing harmony, balance, and ecological integrity to my fellow humans and their relationship with all living beings.
• I honor and serve the equality of life in all its forms.
• I vow to accomplish liberation and enlightenment, in this lifetime, for the sake of all beings.

– John P. Milton, Founder of Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature Fellowship

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