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Intimate with Nature

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Banana Slug

As a condition of our dharma practice, we should try to adapt
ourselves to housing that is closer to nature. Living in such a way
makes it easier to understand and to practice in harmony with nature.
We can learn to be contented and even enjoy such plain and simple
living together with nature. This will benefit and support our study
and practice.

The Lord Buddha is an excellent example in these matters. The Buddha
was born outdoors, was enlightened outdoors, taught sitting outside on
the ground, lived outdoors, rested out in the open, and died outdoors.
Clearly his life was intimate with nature. We take his example as a
standard and are thus content with a simple, natural mode of living.
We believe that the founders of all the great religions practiced
plain living as well . . .

By developing a lifestyle that is intimate with nature, we’re making
it convenient for nature to speak to us. If we are intelligent
listeners, we will hear nature’s voice more clearly than if we are far
away. Intimacy with nature can become the essence of our mode of

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, from Mindfulness with Breathing

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